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Help your animals beat the heat!

July 29, 2010

Help your animals beat the heat!

Spook kittyI am “babysitting” my daughters cat, he is an old guy that has had a few health problems lately. Kidney failure (which seems to have reversed itself), only has one tooth left, and who knows what else, we think he is on his 8th life at least. But he is happy, and he has been a member of the family for a long, long time. This heat is really getting to him. Without AC in the house, and with no one home, the house is getting too warm for him.

I went over tonight to open the doors and windows and turn on the fans, hoping to pull the cooler air in the house. (and of course to sit with him and love him a bit) I recently read about freezing water in soda bottles to leave on the floors for a dog in the heat, and I figured perhaps I could do the same for him. I have bottles in the freezer as I write this. I found a large freezer pack in her freezer, wrapped it in a towel and put it on his favorite sleeping spot.

Guess where Spook is sleeping tonight? For those of you who don’t have AC give it a try for your pets. Freeze some water in a soda bottle and put it where they sleep. Like our kittie, I am sure your pet will soon realize that the frozen bottle is a great thing to sleep against.

Now I am freezing a whole bunch of bottles for my big pooch!

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