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Clean it, paint it, fix it up, you just lost a buyer for your big, expensive home.

July 26, 2010

Clean it, paint it, fix it up, you just lost a buyer for your big, expensive home.

Paint CanI have been showing higher end homes in Brookfield, CT, between 650,000 to 680,000 to a client. Although I think his mind is made up, something popped on the market that he just had to see. It was at the top end of what he wanted to spend, judging from the photos and description he was very excited about it. I would have previewed, time was not on my side however.

The house sits up, with sweeping views over the cul de sac and beyond. We knew the back yard was minimal, he was ok with that based on the interior photos. This home is fairly new, 5 years young. We expected something entirely different than what we saw. As we walked up the front walkway, surprise, surprise. The vinyl siding was covered in algea and what appeared to be mold on the columns. Strange indeed as their were no trees, the front of the house had a good amount of sun for a major portion of the day. As I arrived at double front doors I was shocked. The black doors were beaten up, chipped, banged up, dirty. Not the grand entrance one would have expected at all.ha

Once inside we were greeted with more of the same. The family lived hard in this house, there were young children, a large dog and a cat. But for this price I would have expected that they would have taken the time to get the house ready to go on the market. Almost every wall was dented, banged, had grimy hand prints. There were nail pops in almost every room. An obvious leak from the master bath into the kitchen had stained the ceiling and walls. Perhaps the leak was fixed but it sure scared my buyer.

The lower level was not finished but they still used it for a playroom and office. The first thing I noticed was the children had way to much fun with crayons on the sheetrock  going down the stairs. Wow! Next their were toys scattered everywhere on the floor, all over the place! It turned my client off completely. The gauge on the oil burner looked like it was growing a scientific experiment inside, I have never seen anything quite like it.

Red CarpetWhen we left my client said that he just couldn’t do it, the cost to take care of everything that needs to be done was overwhelming for him. He asked me why, at that price range, the homeowner didn’t do everything they could to make the house shine? I couldn’t answer the question, and I couldn’t agree with him more.

I would bet this one will sit for a while, until it goes to the relocation company. I wonder how they will feel about that when they take it over? Either that or the owner will take a significant hit on the price if he does get an offer.

Clean it up, paint it, get it ready to go on the market! Buyers have multiple choices, and they really do prefer the homes that are in great shape, or are priced according to condition. Make those buyers feel like you rolled out the red carpet for them!

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