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Now who’s asking me to break the law?

July 23, 2010

Now who’s asking me to break the law?

Mad CowI am working with a relo client. He has been instructed NOT to sign a buyer broker agreement by the relo company. He was actually told if the agent asked him to sign anything, he was to refuse. (that frosted my buns) I have left a message for his relo coordinator that Connecticut is a Buyer Agency state, there are consequences for me, serious consequences.

  • I can lose my real estate license.
  • I can lose the entire commission to the listing broker.
  • I can be fined.
  • If I lose the commission, the relo company will not be paid either. DUH!

The message that came back was that because it is Prudential Relocation, they are not to sign. I should speak to my broker and she will explain it to me.

My message back was that my broker had instructed me to call myself to explain to her that our client had to sign the agreement. That I was not willing to risk my license or my commission (second time I explained this to her), and if I don’t get paid, they don’t get paid.

I am fuming. How on earth can a relocation company ask agents to blatantly break the law, put themselves at risk for a fine or to lose their license, or to lose the entire commission due to them? This is the second time I have been down this road no less. I don’t care if the state they are calling from doesn’t have the same laws, how can they expect to do business all over the country without realizing each state has different laws in place?

How dare a relo company ask me to break the law! And this makes me wonder just how many agents in CT and other states that have the same laws as we do, are breaking the law to do business with relocation companies?

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