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Facebook Listing Page update and other productivity features

July 23, 2010

You are taking the time to blog for business, you are trying to develop an online presence that will blow your clients and potential clients socks off.


Thumbs upAre you using Realbird? When I first saw someone here using Realbird I just had to know what it was all about. The post was a market report, and at the bottom was a Realbird search tool. I loved it! I followed the links to Realbird and signed up for a free account. I was hooked.

I hit a snag, I can’t remember exactly what it was. I called Realbird and spoke with Gabe. He was so helpful, he spent so much of his time helping me to resolve the issue I hung up and quickly signed up for a full Realbird account. Under a hundred bucks for the year, it was a no brainer. Anyone who would spend so much time helping me on the phone when I had a free account deserved my business.

And if you can’t afford to spend LESS than 100 bucks on marketing both your listings AND yourself, then you need to rethink your choice of professions! I tell everyone I can about Realbird.

Check out what they are NOW doing for us with Facebook!!!! Realbird is the most effective marketing tool I have in my aresenal of weapons. I know my clients love the listing flyers that are produced at minimal effort on our part.

No, this is not a paid advertisement. This is a totally unsolicited blog, I am singing the praises of Realbird because…. REALBIRD ROCKS! Give them a try and you will understand why I love Realbird, Gabe and Zoltan!!!!


Via Real Bird (RealBird Inc.):

Our recently launched Facebook Listing Page integration with RealBird has gained popularity pretty fast: Over 500 agents and brokers are already using it. With this new RealBird software update it is now even more convenient to manage your Facebook Listing Pages, directly from the RealBird listing management interface.

For our new readers, here is a quick recap of what the Facebook Listing Pages are all about:

With the new Facebook Open Graph API integration, you can now set up an individual Facebook Pages for your of your single property websites on RealBird and it only takes one click per listing. You can then use these Facebook Listing Pages to send property status updates to people who *Liked* your property – updates are posted on their Facebook News Feed. We have more details about this on our intro blog post: Don’t forget to Like yourself – Facebook Listing Pages with RealBird

Updated Facebook Listing Page management interface

With the new interface, the Facebook Listing Management utility is right at your fingertips on the RealBird Listing Management page. Below is an example screenshot that shows just how convenient it is to manage this feature.

Just a reminder, once you set up the Facebook Listing Page, make sure you ask your seller to click the *Like* button on their single property websites so that their own Facebook sphere of influence get a polite note about the property for sale.

1) Connect your Facebook account with RealBird (one-time step and secure, we won’t see your Facebook credentials)

Facebook Listing Page Management - Connect Facebook with RealBird

2) Click the *Like* button to create the Facebook Listing Page. Depending your browser, you may have to refresh this page to see the Admin Page link after the initial *Like* click, from there on, it will always show

Managing Facebook Listing Pages via the Admin link

Another productivity update: filter your inventory by Listing Title and by Visibility Status

Based on some user requests, we extended the search utility on the RealBird listing management page. Besides the existing search fields, you can now filter your listing inventory by Visibility Status (Published vs Draft) and search portion of the Listing Title field. We hope that this feature will increase your productivity and will save you time while managing large inventories of active, pending and sold listings on RealBird.

RealBird Listing Management search filters


Let us know what you think about these updates and stay tuned, there are more to come 🙂

Thanks !


— Zoltan




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