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When technology fails…

July 13, 2010

So here I sit modem-less. Perhaps shaking the modem was not the best idea. And I don’t think duct tape will work. Looks like a trip to the cablle company is in order. This is about the fifth time in the past few months I have been without internet at home. That means no phone either. So I decided to see how the Blackberry works. Let me say I am about done with this idea.

It is amazing how dependent we can become with technology. And at such a rapid rate too. On the other hand I am getting a few things done around the house I never had time for. But I am so sorry to say that I am so busy with work thaat I need the internet at night. Such an inconvenience.

Maybe when I arrive at the cable company with my eyes twirling around and my hair standing on end they will finally believe me! My schedule just doesn’t have an opening for the 2 hours I need to go though…

I sure do miss you all. Coffee in the morning just isn’t the same without all my friends.

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