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Interesting twist in the market lately, and it seems like good news!

July 10, 2010

Thumbs upInteresting twist in the market lately, and it seems like good news! Up until a few weeks ago the market on the higher end homes was a bit on the stagnant side. Of course these homes are now priced more reasonably than we have seen them in years. And please know my area is really still in a declining market.

But wait…

I have two homes listed between $570,000 and $585,000. (Both of these homes at one time were commanding $700-800,000 price tags, but no more.) Since listing the homes a few weeks ago they have been shown a good bit, I have the higher priced home under deposit already after less than a month on the market. The second home is being shown on a regular basis and I am confident that an offer is not far away as the feedback is good. I know the objection, the garage is under the house. Someone will not mind just as my clients did not mind. The yard is fantastic, the house is all decked out with so many extras, sited on the property so well, great subdivision, all good things.

There are buyers out there in this price range! We have not had this in quite a long time, this is very encouraging news. I am more than thrilled! I received an email tonight through my website requesting a showing tomorrow on the home. Again, all good stuff!

Happy HouseSo, despite the fact we are still in a declining market according to the appraisers, despite the fact I hear Realtors® moaning and groaning, there are buyers out there looking at the higher end properties and putting in offers!

I am curious as to where these buyers are coming from as we haven’t seen the volume of transferees in the past 2 years buying up these massive colonials in the new subdivisions. No new executives, nothing. Until now…

It is an interesting twist in the market lately, I will take it all as good news and prepare myself for more of the same!

And boy was I thrilled that the person I am meeting with in the morning came through my website! I freely admit that until I came here on ActiveRain, finding my website was like looking for the lost city of Atlantis… woo hoo to that!

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