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How having your own pot can keep you cool.

July 6, 2010

How having your own pot can keep you cool.

It was hot today, I hear we broke a record. As I was driving past New Milford High School this afternoon the temperature read …. 110…. how could that be?

I took my grandson over to his aunties house to swim in the pool this evening. He had a great time, no fear at all. After pool time he made his own entertainment….

Off went the bathing suit and diaper ….

Kid in a pot


kid in a pot

Kid in a pot

In to the pot full of water he went… in and out, in and out…. Don’t ask me how he fit in there, he screwed himself right down inside. I had fears he might get stuck, I was running that phone call to 911 in my head.

Kids, you really gotta love ’em. I have to say, it reminded me of one of those… “you know you’re a redneck when”…. jokes.

Stay cool, stick your head in a bucket of water. Do whatever it takes! We have a few more scorchers on the way!

Kid in a pot

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