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Are you selling a house of horrors in New Milford, CT? What’s buried in YOUR basement?

July 5, 2010

Are you selling a house of horrors in New Milford, CT? What’s buried in YOUR basement?

Or elsewhere….

Got some skeletons buried in your basement? New Milford CT real estateTwo things that don’t go together. Selling your home and mold in your home. Forget it. I was out with clients today, serious buyers, we have to find a house to buy. These are long term clients who I have a great relationship with. I just put their home under deposit, so we have a short time span to find what they want.

As we enter the home they are pleased. This just might be the home they are looking for. I know the owner has to sell, it is a possible short sale. The home is very dated and has wallpaper in places I didn’t even know you could put wallpaper! But the floors are hardwood, the rooms work, things are looking like this might be “the one”.

Then it happened. I opened the basement door to see the “finished basement”. I was first, stepping down about 5 steps when it hit me. The mold smell permeated the air, hanging heavy and swirling around me. My eyes starting stinging, I was having an immediate reaction to the mold. I yelled at them to get back upstairs, there was mold. Taking a glance around as I bounded up the stairs I saw paneled walls, concrete floors looking as if carpet had just been pulled and I saw one more thing. A dehumidifier at the other end of the room. Behind the dehumidifer on the wall was a huge black stain, looking very ominous.

We left the house in a big hurry. My clients have taken the home off the short list, they have taken it off the maybe list and put it in the circular file list.

First of all, this should have been told to me. I am extremely sensitive to mold. I am hoping that the 5 or 10 seconds I was in the lower level won’t make me sick. I am also hoping that the mold spores have not migrated to the first and second floors. My clients were not pleased, they felt if the sellers wanted to sell, or needed to sell, they should have either taken care of the mold or warned us.

So, if you really want to sell your house, clean up the mold. I have a great resource for those in the Greater New Milford, CT area, check out my post on mold testing, how to deal with mold and remediation. Don’t sell a house of horrors in New Milford, CT. Got mold? Take care of it the right way!

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