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Kudo’s to New Milford CT Police Department!

July 2, 2010

Kudo’s to New Milford CT Police Department!

PolicemanI received an urgent call from a client who purchased a home last fall. While at work in NYC his alarm company called him, the house alarm was set off. He has two dogs in the home, two very cute little dogs who mean the world to him and he was very worried about them as well as the house. He wanted to know if I might drive out there and see if all was well.

I jumped in my car and started driving, when it suddenly dawned on me that if someone had broken into the home and was still there, what on earth would I do? It was then that two New Milford, CT Police Cars pulled in front of me. As we wound around the back roads of New Milford I knew they were going to the same place I was.

We all arrived at the house at the same time, I explained who I was. They asked me to stay by my car and wait. As they approached the front door they realized it was open, I saw them put their hands by their guns and I certainly inched back behind by my vehicle.

After a few tense moments they realized all was well, seemed the door probably hadn’t been shut all the way and the wind blew it open. The screen door was still locked, the dogs seemed ok, and in fine voice I may add. They walked around the house a few times and checked out everything else and spoke to my client on the cell phone, assuring him that as far as they could tell there had been no break in. (We couldn’t go in because one of the dogs gets a little snippy with strangers.)

Kudo’s to the New Milford, CT Police Department. Sometimes it is the little things that they do that really give us peace of mind. I know I was grateful they were there with me, because if I had seen the front door open I would have been more than a bit worried!

Later when I spoke to my client he asked if I had taken any pictures for my blog. Boy does he know me well. I had thought about it but figured I would let the boys in blue off the hook. But I did tell him I planned on writing something about it!

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