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I have a client that wants to buy your home… but….

June 30, 2010

I have a client that wants to buy your home… but….

I can’t reach your agent.

Sad houseI have a buyer who needs to buy a home in Danbury, New Fairfield, Bethel or Brookfield, CT. He is spending over $600,000. (that is OVER SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS) Very motivated, the purchase will happen. (Are you trying to sell your home in Danbury, New Fairfield, Bethel, Brookfield or the Greater New Milford area? Think about this…)

It won’t be YOUR home he is buying. And let me just tell you why it won’t be your home my client will purchase. I preview homes first. I know what the requirements are and I need to see the homes first. I called SIX real estate agents today to set the appointments to preview homes for tomorrow.

5 of the homes need to be scheduled with the listing agent only. I made my calls at 9:00 am this morning, it is now 7:38 pm and NOT ONE CALL BACK.

One of the homes showing instructions said to speak with both the listing agent and the owner. I left a message for the listing agent, no call back. I did leave a message for the owner that I would be there. I may still preview this one home, but because of the others blowing me off, I may have to do this another day.

So, if you are trying to sell your home remember this….

If you want your listing agent to set the appointments, if your agent has to be present for all showings, MAKE SURE YOUR AGENT IS CALLING PEOPLE BACK TO SET UP THE APPOINTMENTS. I can only suggest you make sure you get a call too.

The easiest thing to do is have a lock box on your house and make it accessible.

But don’t worry about that now. I don’t have time to play around with you. My client is looking to make a decision, and if he can’t see your home, HE WON’T BE BUYING IT!

I can't reach your agent

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