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Practicing Real Estate is Like Having a Baby These Days!

June 18, 2010

Practicing Real Estate is Like Having a Baby These Days!

I watch my 5.5 month old grandson on Fridays. It is really selfish of me as it gives me a quite day (for now) to catch up on computer work. Marketing, CMA’s, looking at homes for buyers, and of course blogging. As I was putting my grandson in his bouncer I looked around the room and realized just how much “stuff” you have to have for babies these days! Swing, bouncer, bouncy chair, car seat, stroller, pack & play, baby bathtub, toys, diapers, wipes, hi chair, bottles, formula, on and on and on and on.

Practicing Real Estate is like having a baby

Then I thought how similar this is to practicing real estate these days.

  • I used to keep a few files in the car, that was it.
  • Next came the cell phone.
  • Then the laptop.
  • Traded in the cell phone for a Blackberry.
  • Camera
  • Added a video camera
  • Some food to snack on in case I am out too long
  • GPS Navigator
  • Electronic Keypad
  • More and more and more papers added to the files I was already carrying

I now have a laptop bag stuffed full of files in case I need something when not in the office. I had to trade in my purse for a large backpack in order to keep the camera in there. Add the video camera case, a bag with my lunch or snack in it, some water, etc. I look like a pack mule when I leave the house! I think I have just as much stuff as my daughter has when she leaves the house for a trip with the baby.

Then of course finding the right buyer for a house, or finding the right house for a buyer can be just like being pregnant. And the frustration level toward the end is probably the same. Just get this thing done!

Missing that all important due date or closing date is common!

Bringing things to a closing can be just like labor, same horrifying pain, can take forever, can be difficult. There are those times that we are all pleased and the baby just pops right out, or the sale goes off without a hitch, we all wait for those easy deliveries.

Of course the delivery makes up for everything, doesn’t it? Yes indeed, practicing real estate is like having a baby these days!

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