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New Designation Available to All Real Estate Professionals! GARI

June 18, 2010

New Designation Available to All Real Estate Professionals! GARI

Gradute Active Rain InstituteI was at a potential clients home last evening, going over my market analysis for their lovely home. Toward the end of the conversation, which was a long and fairly detailed one, I was asked what all those fancy letters are after some peoples name, and why don’t I have any. (They were asking about designations.) But wait, I do have one, really!

Andrea Swiedler, Realtor®, GARI

I am one module away from my GRI. Here is the thing. After the first two modules I was ready to hang myself. I knew much of what was being taught, and I resented the fact some of the teachers owned real estate service type of companies. Big bucks, nothing much gained. Besides, who has the big bucks to pay for that now?

Back to the potential clients…. These wonderful people are underwater and have to sell their very beautiful home. At the end of our meeting they shared my “indicated sale value” was a good bit lower than what the other people had said to list the home for. The woman said she had disagreed with the agents on the pricing, she said they were all too high, and not one of them had given her an indicated sale value.

They said no one explained the short sale process, showed them a short sale packet, or told them that what was most important was to procure an offer in order to start the process. No one told them to speak to the lender NOW, well, no one except myself and the real estate/short sale attorney they spoke to prior to meeting with me. Someone else told them to stop making the mortgage payments right away because that was how you got the lender to allow you to do a short sale.

I do have a designation, Andrea Swiedler, Realtor, GARI



“Graduate ActiveRain Institute”

You must have seen that one coming…

I heard the teachings of some of the greatest educators there are echoing in my words last night. The educators of the Active Rain Institute. From the short sale information to marketing, they were pleased with everything. And grateful for the amount of information, for my honesty, for the fact I was brave enough to tell them where I thought the house would sell, for the internet marketing I use. And they told me so.

So, what say you about the GARI designation? I think after you earn this designation you will be far far ahead of the pack!

OK, back to school….

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