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A big thumbs down to CTMLS, CMLS and more. We need correct stats!

June 15, 2010

A big thumbs down to CTMLS, CMLS and more. We need correct stats!

Thumbs down frogWe have 2 MLS’s in CT. I suffer from what is called “overlapping market disorder” in the towns I cover. And yes, I am on a rant, a tear, a rip, whatever you want to call it. (actually we have more than 2 MLS’s, there are a few that are for specific towns only, very she-she and exclusive)

I received an email yesterday with changes to CTMLS, mandatory changes were made in order to stay in compliance with NAR regulations. There was an attachment with much about IDX, deceptive advertising, harassment and short sales. Great!

After reading through the changes, here is what I found. And I am not happy. Why is the MLS intentionally allowing the the stats to be skewed? Not giving the buyer the right to pass over a short sale?

In one section it said an MLS must give the participant the opportunity to disclose a listing is a short sale. In a few paragraphs later they said “Participants may, but are not required to” disclose potential short sales.

I will admit that I rely on CMLS, the “other” MLS for most of my data, it is the most used right in my little corner until you move north one town. They also do not have a mandatory field for short sales, they don’t even have a non mandatory field for short sales! You have to put it in the remarks. If the question is keeping that a bit more private, well, keep the field something only agents see! Simple solution, like the owners phone number. Right now, if the agent puts something in the remarks the world sees how Dick and Jane Underwater are in a short sale position!

And yet, if we as agents don’t disclose something we can be held liable. Hmm, very interesting.

Where does the NAR get all the stats they spew out anyway? If it from all the MLS’s, then the stats are more than skewed. Unless the stats are coming from each and every town or city tax assessor, I have my doubts about the validity of the numbers.

Yes, stats are only as good as the folks who input the data. But if something is a required field there is a much better chance it will be done. Just my (not so humble) opinion this morning!

I am climbing down off my soap box now and getting on with my day.

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