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Looking for the Bride and Groom in Litchfield County.

June 14, 2010

Sycamore Tree in New Milford CTLooking for the Bride and Groom in Litchfield County. I am always on the lookout for those bride and groom trees. Some of the antique homes have the Bride left, or the Groom, many have nothing, long gone, no longer even a memory.

What the heck are Bride and Groom trees? It was traditional to plant Sycamore trees on either side of the front entrance of the home of newlyweds. Hence, Bride and Groom trees. Most of the trees I see are not Sycamore trees, although we have a few magnificent Sycamores here in New Milford. Their scaling bark, the white mottled branches reaching out like an umbrella over those lucky enough to be underneath, the massive size of the older Sycamore make them hard to miss.

Some of the farmers here refer to them as “Wedding Trees”. I know a friend of mine told me the Bride tree in front of his house died within a year after his wife died. The trees have been there probably since the house was built in the 1800’s, but he was convinced the tree died because his wife died.

So when you are driving around in Litchfield County and you spot an old house with two magnificent trees in front, remember those are Bride and Groom trees! Some hopeful young couple planted them after getting married, to signify the strength of their future, to say “we were here”. Whatever reason, I find it an interesting custom that has fallen by the wayside. What a great idea for our new “go green” concept though, and meaningful too!

Did you know the largest Sycamore tree is in Sunderland, MA? They estimate the tree was there during the signing of the Declaration of Independence! The tree stands on Main Street in Sunderland and is quite the tourist attraction! The Sycamore tree is also called a Buttonwood tree, among other names. A very interesting tree, and a very interesting tradition!

I hope to find a Bride and Groom still standing for a photo, I called my broker who lives in Washington and asked her to be on the lookout on her way to the office! Perhaps in a day or two I will have the seemingly illusive photo of a pair of Bride and Groom trees.

If you are looking for a home with a pair of Bride and Groom trees in my part of Litchfield County, stay tuned. I do expect in a few days I will have more information. But in the meantime I am still looking for the Bride and Groom in Litchfield County!

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