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I have a new passion! And it sure is a lot of fun.

June 14, 2010

I have a new passion! And it sure is a lot of fun.

Video CameraI have resisted YouTube for a long time now, for some reason I am scared to death of my video camera. One would think as much as I love to take pictures this would be the next logical step in a natural progression. But no, I seem to suffer from videophobia. But with the news that YouTube is the second most searched only behind Google (don’t know where I read that) I knew I had to do something….

There is another way for people like me!

I use Picasa online for photo storage and slide shows, and downloaded the Picasa program for photo editing a long time ago. I switch between my main staple, ACDSee and Picasa all the time. Recently I discovered that Picasa will make movies! And put them on YouTube with the click of a button! Now how easy is that?

Then I discovered that Youtube gives you the option to use music they provide. Very very cool! I am really loving it. After comparing some of the other local real estate videos that I found on YouTube I am pretty proud of what I have done. Done professionally, they have a voice over talking about the homes, I inserted slides with descriptions written on them. I have a very critical eye when comparing my work against others, but I was pleased with my own results I have to say.

So, even if you suffer from videophobia as I do, you can still use YouTube and post videos. And how easy it is. Give it a try, I bet you will love it as much as I do.

Here is an interesting fact, nothing I used to produce and distribute my videos cost money. Picasa and YouTube are free! Wow, now just how cool is that? I told you I had a new passion.

I am off to do a few more videos in the next few days! And just maybe I will get over that phobia of mine and try the video camera!

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