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What On Earth Was Google Thinking?

June 8, 2010

What On Earth Was Google Thinking?

EarthConnecticut’s very own Attorney General Richard Blumenthal asked Google what information they collected when mapping and taking pictures for Google’s “Street View” here in Connecticut in 2008. Turns out they actually took information from public wireless networks, yes indeed, you and me, right from our computers. Seems that all those wireless networks that weren’t locked down had information taken like, email addresses, web browsing history, who knows what else was available.

Google did fess up. After all, Mr. Blumenthal is one tough cookie. Now he wants to know what Google did with the information collected. Seems we don’t have the answer to that question yet. (Thank you Mr. Blumenthal for looking out for us!)

I love Google, use it all the time however this makes me wonder if they take my privacy seriously at all. I use gmail, I have a Google Calendar, I use other apps that Google provides us with, Realbird is tied in with Google, my life is just one big Google App! Are they protecting me or was this an isolated incident, a mistake on their part. I heard on the news Google said it was a “glitch” that caused the data collection. Wonder if I’ve been “GOOGLED”?

So, what on earth WAS Google thinking?


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