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HUH? The things we hear… Live and learn?

June 5, 2010

HUH? The things we hear… Live and learn?

Confused houseI went to check out a house for a CMA the other day. It was built in the early 90’s, a contemporary that has not had any updating. The house is a bit unique in it’s configuration, there are 4 distinct levels of living space, but more like half levels, the steps to each are about half of the normal span. (did I explain that right?). The siding is wood, vertical siding painted a chocolate brown. Original windows which do not take advantage of the spectacular lake views, many of the windows are small and cut off the views. Original roofing, 20 plus year old original everything actually.

Someone at the town hall told her the house is worth MUCH more than the 3 yr colonial that sold up the street from her, after all, her house is wood, wood is worth way more than vinyl. (grumble grumble). They likened her wood sided home to 2 much larger wood sided, upgraded, nicer homes that sold in the area for around $600,000. Hmm…. I can’t say much else yet about the price, this is a tough one, but let me say the newer colonial that sold for a bit over $300,000 will have a greater impact on the price of this house, and it may be a negative impact.

HUH? I am hoping this person was not in the tax assessors office.

Moving on in our conversation, there was a small leak in the copper piping a few months back. They called someone in to repair the damage. The “gentleman” that was there told she and her now deceased spouse that because of where their home was located they were required by law to install a special system in the home that would protect the pipes from the corrosive ground water in the area.

HUH? I am still scratching my head on THAT one. Even if I didn’t understand that part, I did get this part right away…

The system would cost $3,000, but he could install it right away as he just happened to have one in his vehicle.

I am glad they said no thank you, not at this time. I have no idea what the system is, she referred to it as some type of “pump filter system”.

I walked away shaking my head. I have a mind to contact this plumber and ask him to please explain this law to me, and to my colleagues who are just as confused as I am. After all, we do like to stay on top of things concerning real estate in New Milford (she says… tongue in cheek).

Sometimes I walk away saying “HUH”?

The things we hear are amazing sometimes aren’t they? Live and learn I say.

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