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My neighbor Jon Zolsky inspired me last night.

May 28, 2010

neighborhoodMy neighbor Jon Zolsky inspired me last night. He posed the question that perhaps the growth of ActiveRain is actually diluting its strength. Jon has been here longer than I, he felt he lost a sense of community in the growth of ActiveRain. I had to really think about this.

I realized that I live in a small community here in ActiveRainLand. 99 people live on my block, some of them seem to be absentee owners however, I met them, liked them, and then I heard nothing from them. No lights on in their homes. But as always, each and every day as I walk down the street here on my block in ActiveRainLand, I see my friends sitting on their front porches, we talked, we laughed, they introduced me to a few of THEIR friends who live next door to us. It was GREAT as always!

Take yesterday for instance, I visited my favorite Brit, Sheldon Neal. Shel could have been having a bad week, but he thought better of it. My buddy Coleen DeGroff needed to get something off her chest, I certainly understood, I cheered her on, been there, done that one! Margaret Rome took me and my dog out to pizza. Vegas Bob aka Robert Swetz and I talked about the Travis Walton Book Signing coming up, which by the way another neighbor, Aaron Auxier is going to attend with VB. And speaking of Aaron, he was on TV, selling the home of some mobster. Aaron is something else, I always feel like a breath of fresh air has entered the room when I see Aaron. Sally Cheeseman and I talked about how to remain positive without letting people walk all over you. It really was an interesting conversation. Lenn Harley introduced me to an attorney up in Mass, Elliott S. Tompkins, who has just moved into my neighborhood by the way. Debra Walsh reminded me just how cool New York is, especially Nyack. Pat Kennedy, who by the way is a great neighbor, her cat seems to keep away all the mice while her dog, Willie the Labrodoodle entertains me to no end, Pat and I talked closings, or settlements as she calls them. Pat is so much fun doncha know, and Pat is always moving people into my neighborhood being the good Realtor® that she is. And after speaking with Sally Dunbar, I dont’ have to go to the movies for quite a while. Sally painted the picture of the perfect love story! Oh, I almost forgot about Stewart Penn, he just moved in too. We yacked about those darn REO agents putting a combo lock box on a 6 million dollar foreclosure. Richard Weisser and I had a wonderful conversation about miscreants, LOL, leave it to Richard. Russel Ray gave me some great advice about photographs, plus he showed me some of his latest work. Al & Peggy Cunningham and I talked about the heat, we are all tired of the heat. Ed Silva shared that he has been teaching a bit about blogging to P&P classes. I patted him on the back! Andy Mooers was just wondering why we “surf” the web, I couldn’t help him on that one, LOL. C Tann-Starr asked for my help with a friend of hers who really needs help, which of course I plan to do. She is always getting us into something good and fun here in my neighborhood! I also had a private tet-a-tet with Anna Banana Kruchten about a personal issue. I love that she is here!

Then a few people came by to visit me, some of them live here in my neighborhood, some of them don’t. Some of them will soon come to live in my neighborhood I am sure. I travel throughout the United States and Canada on a regular basis, without spending a fortune for gas. I attend classes with very astute teachers about real estate, I laugh, I cry, I am supported through hard times and enjoy the good with so many of my neighbors and visitors.

So, Jon, I do understand what you said, but I totally disagree about AR being diluted by the growing membership. I live in a very great neighborhood here in ActiveRainLand, it is cool!

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