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May 27, 2010

She LOVED my OUR website…

WenchI was phone wench all day today. I had my desk all set to work, laptop on, files open, paper to doodle on, coffee, I was cruising! I had my “to do” list and another list, and a list I was preparing for things I need to add to my lists, another day in my world! One of the biggest things on my list to do was yet another overhaul on my website. Or shall I say, planning the nature of the overhaul on my website was on my “to do” list.

Engrossed in my morning activities (OK, I was reading some posts on ActiveRain, not exactly working on my lists) the phone rang. It was a woman looking for me. She was calling me from Massachusetts, she was trying to help her daughter look for a rental. We chatted, I gave her some information, maybe I will take them out this weekend to look at some rentals. 



There was something else she said….

Thumbs upShe told me she has been looking around on the web for a Realtor® here in my area. She also said… she LOVED my website. I mean she really said she LOVED it. She must have told me 3 times how much she loved it, so full of information, so professional.

Of course I will not rest, there is never a perfect website. There is always work to be done, changes to be made, SEO to think about, keywords to come up with, posts for my blogs to be written, photos to take, events to cover, and real estate to be sold. This was certainly not earth shattering., but it made my day for sure.

Truth be told, I would love to take all the credit, but I cannot. The credit goes to each and every one of you here who have shared tips, whose websites I have visited and taken notes on what I liked. So to all of you, enjoy the moment with me. She LOVED my OUR website!

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