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New Milford, CT Real Estate Talk, Thoughts of a Mortgage Got You Down?

May 25, 2010

New Milford, CT Real Estate Talk, Thoughts of a Mortgage Got You Down?

Buy a home in New Milford CTWhat on earth are you waiting for before buying a home in New Milford, CT? Rates are down to an all time low, I was shocked at a rate sheet that was sent to me today by a local lender. 30 year fixed conventional mortgage, 4.75 with no points. Well, that is a no brainer! And how about FHA loans? Low rates, you can use gift money for the 3.5% down payment. FHA used to scare the pants off of some agents and buyers, no so anymore.

I have clients using an FHA mortgage to purchase a home in New Milford, CT. We should be closing Friday, we have a clear to close, there were NO issues, the appraisal was done and in within a week of the seller accepting the offer!

Of course I made sure I told my clients about George Souto at McCue Mortgage. George is one of the best around. They called him, and out of the few people whose name I gave, they picked George of course. Am I counting my chickens before they hatch? I don’t think so, George Souto has done his job, the entire team at McCue Mortgage needs to take a bow. At a time when we all hear about all the problems with lenders, George Souto proves them wrong. A pleasure to work with indeed, fast, reliable, honest, he delivers!

With the prices of homes down, the mortgage rates down, this is really the time to buy. Don’t let the thought of a mortgage get you down. Give me a call to discuss your options at 203.460.1775, give George Souto a call if you are in his service area in Connecticut, or start with your local bank to see what rates and programs they can offer. Now is the time to buy a home in New Milford, CT!,%20-73.3944466)&mextent=((41.550984812917086,%20-73.5043716430664),%20(41.63071265858875,%20-73.2846450805664))&mzoom=13

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