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May 22, 2010


Angry womanI received an email from a company promoting their flyers. The email contained an actual flyer I might be interested in, and HEY, that’s MY LISTING! Not only does it contain property information, but it has my photographs and the copy I wrote for a Postlet flyer I created for the property. They have my company logo, my headshot, they have my office phone number with the wrong extension and the wrong location. (We are a single office mind you, they have me in the wrong town.) They want me to buy the flyer for $19.95, interesting really.

I am a Realbird user, the services I get from Realbird are more reasonably priced and work so well for me anyway. Looks better, I know who I am dealing with, I have control as I input all the information, Realbird does NOT pull information from my MLS. Plus the product is just awesome. After this I will be rethinking using Postlets. (I was using the free version of Postlets by the way.)

The company,, claims it is so simple, plug in the MLS number and they do the rest. Now how on earth can that happen? I am surprised that they can pull from the MLS at all. All the verbiage they have is from Postlets, not from the MLS. Our MLS is very limited on how much you can say. But the company does say that once the information is pulled from the MLS you can make changes.

copyrightI am not at all happy with this type of marketing, don’t like the fact they lifted my work, word for word, took my photos. I realize they are sending it to me to try and get me to purchase their product, but this is not cutting it for me at all. No way to get my business. I know that once you put something out there on the internet, people can and will (if they are dishonest) take your work. Postlets says the content is mine, but that they can’t say that for the websites they push the content to. Doesn’t matter, it is done and I am not happy about it.

Perhaps I am being naive and unrealistic, but this really bothered me. From the fact they lifted my work to the idea that all I have to do is plug in my MLS number and they pull info from where? My MLS?

Hey, that’s MY LISTING! What do you think?

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