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Call me Sarah Heartburn, I am a shoo-in for the Academy Award at the next office meeting.

May 12, 2010

Call me Sarah Heartburn, I am a shoo-in for the Academy Award at the next office meeting.

Andreas OscarMy broker wears many hats. She lost her administrative assistant just before the market changed, she opted to take over the role herself, feeling that it brought her back into the business in a way she didn’t realize she was missing. As things continued downward she continued the role of owner/broker and admin, which I might say she handles very well. She is always available to us for questions, discussions, she sits with us and really has her finger on the pulse of the office.

The one thing she is inundated with are sales calls. When I have phone wench duties I field the calls and put the sales calls into her voice mail. There are some who don’t, I choose to help her out and save her time in the office on advertising, speaking to agents, etc. If it is something she is interested in, she will call them back.

Today was a different story. By the end of the day it was just the broker and myself in the office. She was getting ready to leave for an appointment and was getting something out of the bottom file cabinet behind her desk. In walked 2 gentleman selling some business organization. I told them the owner wasn’t in.

OOPS! Silly me….

Uh oh… there she was in all her glory, rear end up in the air and pushing her head further into the file cabinet. They didn’t leave… and I realized on the desk was a pile of her business cards with her picture on them. I tried to make a smooth move to block their view of the cards, however one of the gentleman spotted the candy jar right next to her business cards and made a dive for the chocolates. I was dying now, trying to get them to leave, but they wouldn’t. She was digging further back in the file cabinet, trying to hide her head while I struggled to keep a straight face. I was feeling a bit like a jackass by now, I was in too deep, there was no way out now… I really had only wanted to get her out of the office and on to her appointment on time, honestly!

JackassThey asked what type/color vehicle she drove, I answered back “A Jeep, like the rest of us, and it is red”, (we are located next to the only Jeep dealership in town mind you). I quickly added she was out with another agent on an appointment. With only her Jeep and mine in the parking lot I had to think fast. More questions about the best time to reach her, etc. I struggled so hard not to just break down and burst out laughing. I can get in fits of laughter that have gotten me in trouble in my life, always at the wrong moment, in church, in meetings, whenever inappropriate if I get that urge it is overwhelming.

After a few more moments, which seemed like hours to me, and days to my broker who by now was probably suffocating in the file cabinet, they left. They however didn’t really leave, they walked over to the Jeep dealership to pedal their wares. My broker and I were dying laughing, she said she was going to fess up, but couldn’t focus as to her lack of oxygen from being stuck inside the file cabinet. When the walked by the office windows again to get to their vehicle she dove under the desk and I literally dropped like a rock to the floor, rolling around choking and laughing. Gives a whole new visual to me for the acronym ROFLMAO I have to tell you.

I am a shoo-in for the Sarah Heartburn Academy Award at the next office meeting! The Oscar is MINE!

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