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New Milford CT Real Estate, Foreclosures in New Milford

May 6, 2010

New Milford CT Real Estate, Foreclosures in New Milford

Foreclosures and Real Estate in New Milford CTAre you looking to buy a foreclosure in New Milford, CT? A bargain may be had if you are able to do work yourself, or have money available to get the work done. Do proceed with caution as some of these homes have been vacant for quite some time.

How to begin to look for a foreclosure in New Milford, CT? First you can search foreclosure listings yourself. (If you choose this particular website, you will have to register, however unless you respond to the email I send you, I will not contact you again.) Currently in New Milford, CT there are 15 foreclosures listed on our 2 multiple listing services. 3 of these foreclosures are under deposit. They range in price from $679,900 to $118,900, antiques, colonials, contemporary and ranch style homes. Some foreclosures are not only listed on a multiple listing service, they are also listed as an online auction. Contact me for more information about online foreclosure auctions for homes in New Milford, CT.

Buying a foreclosure in New Milford CTYou think you are ready to buy and are seriously considering starting out with a foreclosure in New Milford, CT. Get your ducks in a row FIRST and see how much of a mortgage you qualify for. Without knowing this it is not advisable to start looking at homes. Next, understand if you do purchase a foreclosure in New Milford, CT you will have to have home inspections, septic inspections, water and well tests as applicable. As I said earlier, these homes have often been vacant for a long time, there may be damage that is beyond your capability or desire to deal with!

My daughter purchased a foreclosure in New Milford, CT as a first time home buyer a year and a half ago. Armed with full inspections she felt confident in her home purchase, knowing what she would need to do after moving in. I am happy to report she is still in the home and loving it! It may not be necessary to buy a foreclosure however, there may be a home on the market in New Milford, CT that is within your price range that is not a foreclosure.

If you are interested in purchasing New Milford, CT real estate or a New Milford, CT foreclosure, call me at 203.460.1775, or send me an email to to discuss your options.

New Milford CT Real Estate

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