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My ActiveRain mistake turned into a GOOGLE goldmine!

May 6, 2010

My ActiveRain mistake turned into a GOOGLE goldmine!

ActiveRain Google GoldI attended ActiveRain University today, but I signed up for the “wrong” course! I was so upset after racing around all morning to wrap up details on a condo listing of mine that is under deposit, doing some personal errands and needing to be in the office by 1:00 for phone wench duties… clicked on the link for the class and whew, easy peasy!

Nope, wrong class. The class I wanted was an hour earlier. I was not a happy camper. This class was SEO Blog Training by Steven Graham. The beginning was about how to insert photos, etc. I know how to do that…. right? I listened anyway, what the heck.

About a third of the way through my ears pricked up. Now Steven was talking about SEO, how to write a post for Google and other search engines, giving really great tips on ways I could land myself in the top 5 slots of Google where I need to be! This was awesome!

I decided to make some changes and write some posts to see if what he said worked. My first is entitled “New Milford CT Real Estate, Foreclosures in New Milford”. Just for ha ha’s I posted it to my WordPress blog first at 7:56 pm, then to ActiveRain at 8:25 PM EST. I got an email at 8:25 pm EST, a google alert for “New Milford CT Real Estate”, citing my ActiveRain post. Same minute! YIKES, that never happened before! 9 minutes later I was in the 7th slot for New Milford CT Foreclosures with the ActiveRain post! WordPress has not shown up yet, another clear indication that ActiveRain has the power!

If you have a chance, check out ActiveRain University! Take the blogging class. No matter how long you have been blogging you will get something out of it. I will happily take the results I got tonight, and with more work I hope to dominate my keywords I have picked out. I have challenged myself and so far I am happy with the results! My ActiveRain mistake turned into a GOOGLE goldmine! Now go out there and drink your Google Milk!!!!

Drink more google milk

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