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A CONDUIT to ME! Excuse the pun, but really, that is EXACTLY what it is!

May 3, 2010

A CONDUIT to ME! Excuse the pun, but really, that is EXACTLY what it is!

Like most of you, my head tends to feel like it is going to explode with all the things I should be doing online. I read all that I can, I am working on new websites, I tweet my posts, I am on FB, Linkedin could use some work, I have photos on Picasa, of course I am here on ActiveRain and I joined Realbird.

The other day I was on Realbird, there is always new “stuff” Gabe and Zoltan are giving us. If you aren’t a member, go check it out right now. Realbird allows us to place some pretty nifty property searches on our blogs and websites, they push our listings out on the internet, amazing internet flyers, slide shows, very very reasonably priced domain names for our listings, what more could we ask for?

Today I found out what more we could ask for. A toolbar, downloadable for our clients to add to their web browser. The directions are simple, easy to follow, the service from Conduit is FREE, and it looks way cool in my browser. And if they use the search box in the tool bar, take a look at the name at the top of the Google results page!!!!

You customize the toolbar, see below for my toolbar. My new website has a header title of “A Slice of New Milford”, take note of where that is below! The first button, “Homes for Sale” will take you to Realbird’s wonderful home search engine, with me there of course. The next button, “Featured Homes” takes you to my listings, the third is way cool, “Property Info” will send me a notice that the person looking at a listing has a question for me about it. Now, this is on any listing they see mind you. I also added a Twitter button which is linked to my tweets, then a Facebook Login, RSS feed of my outside blog on ActiveRain, a weather button, privacy button and at the end is an email notifier, letting you know when you have email. (this is configured by the person who downloads the toolbar)

Next, Conduit gives you the html code to add to your website or blog which allows someone to download YOUR toolbar to their computer. There are many different styles to choose from, depending on what your website looks like.

What a uber-cool thing this is. Really, take a look, I just LOVE it! Thank you Realbird and Conduit, this is awesome! People who use the toolbar can get information with the click of a single button on listings they are looking at from me, that is something special in my opinion.

Now I can give my clients a CONDUIT right to me!

Slice of New Milford CT toolbar


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