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Not being able to comment is killing me, I swear. Who put the tape over my mouth?

May 2, 2010

Not being able to comment is killing me, I swear. Who put the tape over my mouth?

Cow in the pastureCome on, we are Realtors®, an opinionated bunch to say the least. I have been hanging around, reading posts as I can. Now it is like reading the newspaper, no interactive button to
push, nothing to say, nothing of value to add to the conversation. I have been silenced, got the big duct tape over my mouth! I have sent a few emails to people to let them know I read their post, and left my comment in an email. But somehow it just doesn’t feel the same, you
know? Of course you know, you are suffering right along with me.

So what have I been doing instead? 

  • I have always wanted a WordPress blog/website. Check that off my list.
  • Made a customized toolbar to offer from my websites, tres cool. I feel famous. (thank you Realbird)
  • Lost my seller the day after we got an offer on the property. I have no idea where he is. I could have done without this little blip on the radar.
  • Finally redid my husbands website, he is happy happy. And did a find job if I do say so myself. Again, thank you WordPress.
  • Spent more time learning Facebook and annoying everyone on there.
  • Working on an expired program.
  • Updating my CMA and listing presentation.
  • Have a very wonderful business growing thing about to happen, good thing I couldn’t post, LOL, because I need to keep my mouth shut for now. (stay tuned)
  • Had some buyers contact me through the Realbird Property Search. Was able to send them to another ‘Rainer to sell their house, hope it works out.
  • Working on photo greeting cards to sell at Village Fair Days and giving the Greater New Milford Board of Realtors part of the profits for our scholarship fund. 

I have no intention of jumping ship. I can tell you this, my Google Milk is spilling all over the floor without the full strength power of ActiveRain. Despite what you may think, there is power with comments, and there is a special power that ActiveRain has. My other blogs just do not get picked up by Google. Some I have had for about a year mind you. I have always shifted some of my posts through a free WordPress blog. But it has never gotten noticed by Google like what I do in the ‘rain.

I hope to get back to commenting on all your wonderful posts soon, I feel like I am going to explode! I am terrified that I will run into an awesome post and not be able to tell you so!!! Take care and know I am thinking about you all. But still, the million dollar question is..
who put the tape over my mouth?

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