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What I Have Learned the Last Week

May 1, 2010

I have learned something in the past week with all the issues on ActiveRain. My Google Milk is dwindling down to nothing. I am posting on a few other blogs, none have the power that ActiveRain has.

So, you knew that was true, I mean, we have all said it over and over again, now I am seeing the devistation that no ActiveRain is causing to all my hard work!

Plus I miss my friends. I am reading some of your posts, as you know, I can’t comment on them. I can’t always get on so posting for me seems pointless. And as Jon Zoltsky pointed out, Google is crawing my other pages linked to here, and finding the links don’t work. Should I remove the links for now? Decisions, decisions.

I can hardly wait for things to be right again. I wish AR would mail out updates, yes I saw Bob Stewarts very cute son in the YouTube explanation yesterday on Facebook. Thank you Bob.

This is getting to be like waiting for a short sale approval!!!!!


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