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New Milford, CT Town Green, a beautiful Village Center.

April 26, 2010

New Milford, CT Town Green, a beautiful Village Center.

Town Greens and Connecticut, they go hand in hand. Most towns or cities that still have a “town green” will tell you theirs is the most beautiful in all the state. And I have to agree with that theory. New Milford, CT

Town Greens have historically been for public use. Not uncommon to see cattle or sheep grazing, or a market place for the townspeople, a meeting place to discuss the current town topics, parade grounds for the military. And today? You may not see the cattle or sheep grazing, but you can still find people meeting, New Milford, CT has a Farmers Market on Saturday mornings at the north end of the green, which should begin sometime in May. If you would like more information on the New Milford Farmers Market, try visiting Plow To Plate.

Other wonderful events that the beautiful and historic town green in New Milford, CT will be used for are so varied. From rousing parades to outdoor music in the summer to art shows, Village Fair Days, carol sings and the Hayride on the Green at Christmas time, there is surely something for everyone to enjoy. Or perhaps just sitting on a park bench and enjoying the sights and sounds of our vibrant town center.

New Milford, CT, a wonderful place to live. If you are looking for a new home in New Milford, CT, call me at 203.460.1775. I would be happy to discuss the current real estate market in New Milford CT with you!

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