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Planning ahead for that all important flush

April 19, 2010

TPPlanning ahead for that all important flush, life in a rural area. Or… who said an outhouse was a bad thing?

When you live in a more rural section like I do here in New Milford, CT, there are a things you might to think about. (certainly not a complete list, but a good start)

  1. Feeding the birds can morph into feeding the bears.
  2. You know those haunting howling sounds you hear at night? Best to keep your kitties and small doggies inside where it is safe when it gets dark out.
  3. Never store cat/dog/rabbit/people food on a back porch, even a screened in porch.
  4. Lay in a good supply of tomato juice or something to give the pooch a bath with when he tries to play with a skunk.
  5. Not only is a doggie door convenient for you and the pooch and kittie, it is a perfect entrance for raccoons, possums, skunks, etc!
  6. Batteries, batteries, batteries and more batteries. Toss in a flashlight or 2, a few candles and you are good to go.


skunks and kitties

And last but not least, fill a few gallon jugs with water and put them away for safe keeping. Let me remind you that when the power is out, when the well pump goes or some other disaster befalls the well water system it is far more pleasant to have some water handy for that all important flush!

And my family thought I was a bit on the obsessive compulsive side! There ARE times when an outhouse might not be such a bad thing after all. I’m just sayin….


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