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108 Old Town Park Rd, New Milford, CT. A Candlewood Point Antique

April 17, 2010

108 Old Town Park Rd, New Milford, CT. A Candlewood Point Antique

My office has an antique colonial for sale, 108 Old Town Park Rd in New Milford, CT, just steps away from Gerard’s Marina at Candlewood Point. I love antique homes, and this one inspired me to do research to find out who lived inside its walls over the years. The town says the house was built in 1787, but for some reason there is a date over the front door of 1782. Whichever is right, it is still old!

My quest sent me to the town clerk’s office at the town hall, inside the vault. I pulled the current deed, then looked back farther and farther, I found myself fascinated with the leather bound volumes holding New Milford’s past. I quickly moved from the computerized list to the “old fashioned” way. The index records were divided into large volumes spanning back to the 1600’s, carefully hand written records that to me were captivating my imagination.  I did peek into the volumes that hold the oldest records for New Milford, CT. The writing was very hard to decipher and faded (it was copies of the originals). A few times I saw reference to the King of England, saw the familiar names we know as the founding families of New Milford, CT. I felt as if I was being pulled back in time through the words, the names on the pages in front of me.

Somewhere around the early 1800’s I lost the ability to track the owners for certain. I am sure with more time and expertise, or a visit to the New Milford Historical Society I could glean more information, perhaps I will do that. The house has captured my imagination and my love of history. But for now I will have to give you what I found to be true, and what I believe to be true. (Please note, I have picked out only certain people to whom the house belonged to over the years to talk about)

The current owners purchased the house in 1956, they always referred to the house as the “Barlow Homestead” as they knew the house had once been owned by the Barlow’s. A few phone calls led me to Mr. Charles Barlow, an elderly gentleman who owns and lives in the last house on our Village Green that is still a residence! He was happy to impart what he remembered, it was his parents that owned the house at one time, he had lived there for a time as a child.  Mr. Barlow told me about his parents building 2 cottages on the property
(one is now the apartment/cottage) for relatives to live in. The second
building is no longer part of this piece of property. (I promised Mr. Barlow to show him the photos I took of the house, it has been years since he was there.)

His parents had bought the house in the 20’s. They in turn sold it to a Mr. Roth, who was heavily involved in the development of the homes around Candlewood Lake, particularly Candlewood Point. (I won’t tell you how he and his family felt about that!) Mr. Barlow was surprised to hear that the current owners family had referred to the house as the Barlow Homestead, he said he knew it only as the “Knowles Farm”.

In tracing back farther, the Knowles family owned much of what we know in Candlewood Point, probably over to Lanesville Rd and possibly what is now under Candlewood Lake. They seemed to have purchased the land from Issac Northrup in 1860. This is the same Northrup family that shows up in the earliest history of New Milford. It became impossible for me to track farther without more expertise. I was in hand written deeds which referenced only “Lanesville”, no way for me to understand exactly where the location was, and the property was much larger at that point.

2 more interesting things to note, well known artist Eric Sloane lived in the house for a bit in the early 50’s. It appears his wife (one of them) purchased the house in her name. Also, the story is that the house was used as a time to house a minister, that is the explanation for the fountain in the living room wall. The fountain no longer works, I suppose someone could make it work again if they so desired.

Set up high with sweeping views south over what was once known as “Lanesville”, this 4 bedroom antique home is waiting for the next generation to put their mark on it, to live well within and add their own history to the rich history already deeply etched in the walls. And I will venture a guess that a renovation will reveal more of the history of the families who have called this house “home”.

The large living room has a wonderful old fireplace and many windows to allow plenty of light in. Just off the living room is a generous sized dining room. I think this is really the original section of the home. A good home inspector would probably be able to get the house to give up some of its secrets!  There are still many of the old architectural features left including wide board floors, moldings, old doors and hardware.

On one side of the home is a very unique patio, someone took some headstones from the valley prior to the creation of Candlewood Lake and used them for the patio stones! I am sure that is a very good conversation starter while relaxing outside and enjoying the views!

The flower garden in the back is nestled between the remnants of an old barn, the stone foundation makes a stunning backdrop for the mature plantings. The vegetable garden is still where it was so many years ago. (I saw both gardens referenced on the survey map from 1930)

There is cottage on the property which is currently rented. It can be kept as a rental or used as a guest cottage or whatever captures your imagination. One of the old barns still remains and would make a wonderful workshop or studio.

The house has deeded beach rights to the private beach at Candlewood Point.

The house is currently offered for sale at $479,900 by Prudential Adams & Assocates, REALTORS.  If you would like more information please feel free to contact me. I do hope this antique home in New Milford, CT has captured your imagination as it has mine.

108 Old Town Park Rd, New Milford, CT. A Candlewood Point Antique.

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