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What a surprise! Roll out the red carpet, I had no idea, you guys really did me proud.

April 15, 2010

Thumbs up to ActiveRainWhat a surprise! Roll out the red carpet, I had no idea, you guys really did me proud. Of course those of you I am talking about knew this, you probably knew before it even happened. But not me, I had no idea! How did I miss this?

I am, of course, referencing the fact that while thumbing through the April 2010 edition of REALTOR Magazine, I saw contribution after contribution from people right here on AR! The article is entitled “Your Best Ideas”, and they came to our blogs on ActiveRain and pulled the best of the best from the blogs.

I hadn’t heard about it, I don’t’ usually sit and thumb through the magazine. But this afternoon I needed a break and the first thing I noticed was a quote from Bill Gassett about his “Google this address” sign riders. Next, Missy Caulk about using Skype with a client overseas, then it was Coleen DeGroff telling us to keep our cool in a transaction. I saw Margaret Rome reminding us to keep our appointments or let the owner know if we are going to be late. Jennifer Allen, Anna Banana Kruchten, I read you guys all the time and here you are, featured in REALTOR Magazine! The list goes on and on as to who REALTOR Magazine decided to include from ActiveRain. YOU ARE FAMOUS!

I am so proud of all of you that made the magazine, too many to mention! And so proud to be a member of ActiveRain, an organization full of real estate professionals who yet again have proven they know their stuff.

Way to go guys! I had no idea, and really, you did me proud! I am rolling out the red carpet for you all!

rolling out the activerain red carpet!

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