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Someone throw me a rope, I have gone over the edge….

April 12, 2010

Someone throw me a rope, I have gone over the edge….

Candlewood Point AntiqueI should have put up a wonderful post tonight about an antique my broker listed. Because she doesn’t blog I agreed to do a write up about the house. Not a hard thing for me, you know I love to take pictures and I love antiques and I love to write. The home was built in 1782, there has to be lots of history to pepper the post with. Plus, it is in an area of town that is PERFECT for a hyper local post type of thingy.

I went over today and took my own photos, they turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. So, you might ask, where is the post?

Well, I ran into a bit of a snag… I wanted to get some more information about the house. We have gotten a bit of history from the children who grew up in and now own it. They have always referred to it as “The Barlow Homestead”. The name is long standing in the town’s history, my broker assumed that one of the original homesteaders in New Milford must have lived there. I tracked down (totally by accident mind you) a member of the Barlow family that had lived there in the 20’s. Paydirt!  He did grow up in the house, but he is not from the New Milford Barlows, not the original ones. When his parents bought it the farm was referred to as the Knowles Farm. OK, now what? I spent time at the town hall to find out more, the information is very hard to follow prior to the 20’s. I know it is there but I am not finding it yet. (Looks like I may have to bribe my friend the attorney who is a genius at title search! She loves history as much as I do.)

Somewhere in between the research I realized that I have become obsessed(ActiveRain style) with this hyper local post, anyone who would spend a few days trying to find out the history of a house just for a post must really have gone over the edge.

Stay tuned, I am hoping to turn out my masterpiece in a day or 2. At least I hope that it will be a masterpiece, LOL. But first I have to find the REAL name for this house. In the mean time, someone throw me a rope and pull me out of this obsession, I think I have really gone over the edge this time!

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