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And you thought you knew what the three “R’s” were did you?

April 8, 2010

And you thought you knew what the three “R’s” were did you?

The Three R'sI know my three “R’s”.

  • Readin’: Read, read, read those blogs.
  • Ritin’: Write your own blogs and write comments.
  • Rainin’: Time spent readin and ritin in the ‘rain will bring you….


Want proof?

Yesterday I recieved 2 emails. One from an agent here in the ‘rain who wants to refer buyers to me. The second from someone who registered on my website to look at foreclosures and is now hot to go out and look at homes this weekend. And I referred him to another ‘rainer for a mortgage. Between the time he first landed on my website and we first spoke on the phone he read what I was ‘ritin…. he commented about how he had read all about me and what I had to say! He said “I know you!”

The proof is in the pudding, get to know your fellow ‘rainers by making meaningful comments on their blogs. (W)rite your own posts so that the consumer can get to know you, so Google will find you and that your fellow ‘rainers will get to know you (and come to refer a client or 2 to you!). And the rest will fall right into place!

Google Milk

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