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I love Google, any way you serve it. Milk, juice, beta apps, those guys at Google are just the best!

April 6, 2010

I love Google, any way you serve it. Milk, juice, beta apps, those guys at Google are just the best!

I love Google

I had to get a new Blackberry, long story, the short version is my daughter lost her phone, the cheapest way to replace her phone was for me to replace my phone. I got a new Blackberry, my hubby took my old Blackberry and my daughter took hubby’s old phone. Easy enough… NOT.

I don’t use Outlook. Shake your head, tsk tsk tsk. For those of you that do use Outlook you are already covered. But for those of us that don’t, saving or managing contacts to our Blackberry can be a real headache. You can always go to a Sprint Store and have the data transferred, however that wasn’t going to be an easy feat for me. We lost our only “real” Sprint Store due to the economy, Radio Shack here in town doesn’t have the proper equipment to do the transfer (shame on Radio Shack) and a trip to Danbury wasn’t on my list of things I had time to do.

So what do I do when I need to know something? I Google it of course. And along comes Google, to save the day yet again! Google has an app, Google Mobile offers Google Sync for your phone. It was so easy, I put my cell phone number in, they sent me a message with a link, bada bing bada boom, my contacts were safe in my Gmail account! I even played around with them and made them better than before! I activated the new Blackberry, used Google Sync for your phone, put my contacts in my new Blackberry and all is right with the world. It will also work for your calendar, which is way cool too!

Google Mobile

Those guys at Google Rock! Between all the Google Milk, Picasa, the pure genius of Google is almost mind boggling. A big thank you to GOOGLE!!! It is amazing that a web search engine has become such an integral part of our lives, for many reasons! I will say, I am rather happy that they didn’t stick with the name change to Topeka though. It just doesn’t sound right, Topeka this, Topeka that. I Topekad you… nope, not at all!

(OK, for those of you that have read my posts about Google Milk and wonder why, for me, it is milk and not juice, I am a cow fanatic. I love cows, I milk cows, I have been around cows for a good portion of my life. And as we all know, milk grows strong bones, it is the drink of life!)

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