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Those pesky proxy errors may have saved me for now. Can you believe I just said that????

April 3, 2010

Those pesky proxy errors may have saved me for now. Can you believe I just said that????

PoliceAre you in compliance? I thought I was…. turns out I’m not. My broker forwarded an email to me from the Prudential Police. BUSTED! I was using the wrong logo (I can’t tell the difference, looks identical to me) and the wrong disclaimer. I also had to pull a page down off my website with names and contact information for mortgage people. I could make the change that when someone clicks on the link for mortgage information it would take them directly to their website, non branded by me. That won’t work. I have always given people a choice of more than one person. And why would I want to direct them off my website?

The oddest thing is that I am to remove the link to They thought it said, and said I am not allowed to advertise third company parties on my website. I am waiting for an answer on that one. Another blog I have feeds into, that is why I have the link on my website. You know, like… follow me on Twitter, Facebook, etc. My Twitter and Facebook icons are ok, and so is the ActiveRain icon. Very confusing to me.

I don’t think they made it to my blog here, probably due to proxy errors on the part of ActiveRain. I am now very concerned about certain things with my blog. I did make changes, I am using the new logo I was sent in my signature, and just in case they do get here, for now I put the Prudential disclaimer in my signature. I am looking at where else I can put it. Perhaps on the side as a widget. I just don’t know. The problem is that it is supposed to have the little tiny house logo at the end of it, so for now the only place I can put it is where it is currently.

Then I got to thinking, what if I “reblog”? The agents information will appear on my page. Will that constitute advertising a third party? My mind is racing! My broker reads my blog, she hasn’t seen a problem with it. But I am concerned that they may not think so. I was going to reblog a post today, then had second thoughts about it until I can figure this out. I am NOT a happy camper.

Ah well, it looks as if those pesky proxy errors kept them from seeing my blog so I am safe for now. I still can’t believe I just said that!

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