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Not ANOTHER one of those I love ActiveRain stories AGAIN?

March 25, 2010

Drink more google milkNot ANOTHER one of those I love ActiveRain stories AGAIN? So you want to know when will enough be enough? You be the judge. I’m drinkin’ the Google Milk and lovin it!

Thursday is our caravan day in New Milford, CT. We meet at the train station, then pile into cars to preview homes from one side of New Milford to the other. Always fun, knowing inventory is key, networking is great, and just getting out and about is a good thing.

Today we picked up an extra passenger towards the end of caravan, a Realtor® I have certainly heard of, talked to, yet somehow never met. When my broker went to introduce us the Realtor® turned to me and said that she already knew me, she recognized my face as soon as she saw me. Odd indeed, I know we have never met before.

Google resultsShe then went on to explain that she “googles” everything. And if it is about New Milford, there I am, she has read my blog many times. I asked her why she didn’t comment, she explained she wasn’t a member of ActiveRain. The first time she ran across my blog was when she needed information on Candlewood Lake to give to a client who was renting in the area. She said that I certainly knew my stuff because she found everything she needed for her client right there on my blog. (I wrote the post in July of 09.)

She said that she runs into me just about every time she “googles” something about my market area. She told me she finds me “everywhere”.

So yes, it is yet ONE more of those “why I love ActiveRain” type of stories. If she finds me with her local search terms, guess who else is!

I’m still smiling! (and feeling a bit like a celebrity, LOL) Drink that “Google Milk”, it makes a body strong!

google milk

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