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Real estate agent out and about in New Milford, CT, checking out foreclosures

March 24, 2010

Real estate agent out and about in New Milford, CT, checking out foreclosures. I went out in New Milford, CT to check out two foreclosures today. Both just hit the market. The first was an antique on the Washington, CT border of New Milford, CT priced at $280,000. This particular foreclosure in New Milford, CT will need quite a bit of work, but if you love an antique and want something large, then this could be the one. You will have to be up to the task. The house was hard to walk through, the clean out has not been done and it was on the odoriferous side.

I brought my camera with me and took a few shots, I couldn’t help myself. I will share two of them with you because honestly, I have never seen anything quite like this.

Fancy toilet

Fancy bathroom

(no way was I touching anything to put this toilet seat lid down… sorry)

The second foreclosure I went to see today is in the Gaylordsville section of New Milford, CT. Nestled in the rolling Connecticut countryside a few of the neighbors came out to say hello to me. This house was in much better shape than the first and didn’t have fancy toilets, but oh the price is great at $121,900 and the house is neat and sweet. Besides, how can you resist neighbors like this?

Gaylordsville CT cows

There are foreclosures on the real estate market in New Milford, CT. Most need work, and are not for the faint of heart, but they have the potential to be wonderful homes again in New Milford, CT! If you would like to see these or any other homes that are on the market in New Milford, CT give me a call!

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