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Drinking of the pure, unadulterated, raw Google Milk! ActiveRain is serving it up!

March 9, 2010

Drinking of the pure, unadulterated, raw Google Milk! ActiveRain is serving it up!

Google MilkYes, I know, the rest of the world calls it Google Juice. For me it is milk, a personal choice from too much time spent milking cows. And after all, life flows from milk, don’t you agree? Anyway, it really don’t matter, milk, juice, it all means power on the internet.

I have not taken any formal classes on SEO. I am just your average Joe(sephine) Realtor® who happens to believe that the Internet is the way to go. And who happens to love to take pictures and loves to write even more. A few suggestions taken from the pros on ActiveRain about SEO, a lot of reading of other blogs, some common sense and a bit of luck has taken me to the top of search engines for some key phrases in my area.

Yesterday I wrote a post about a listing. It is a sad house, I was stumped as how to market this home as the condition is less than desirable. I was pretty much desperate on how to advertise to be honest. Truth in advertising left me wringing my hands in despair. Then I came up with an idea, not thinking that it would propel me to the number 3 slot on Google within a few hours of posting it here in the ‘rain. I titled the post “Wanted: New Milford CT Buyer to renovate, enjoy and love!”

This morning I went to Google and typed in “New Milford CT homes for sale”. My post is number 3 in the organic search, after and I was floored to be honest. And it is my outside blog on ActiveRain that came up in this position! I have had this happen before, but for this particular post on this particular home to make it really made me smile this morning. This will be a difficult home to sell, yet here it is, in all its glory, for all the world to see!

My point to this post? Put your listings on ActiveRain. Use the town/city/community name over and over again, make those names stand out by “bolding” them. If I have any shot to help the owner and sell this house, ActiveRain has given me the edge for sure. Now I have to go back to my post and add a Realbird property search widget at the bottom of the post, I should have done that yesterday.

I will often go to Google and type in search phrases to see where I stand. I have work to do for sure, and my goal is to dominate the organic search terms for my area by the end of this year. I am happy with my results thus far, but there is always room for improvement.

With ActiveRain on your side, anything is possible! ActiveRain is serving up as many big glasses of Google Milk as you can drink so go forth and drink as much Google Milk as you possibly can, make it pure, unadulterated, raw Google Milk. After all, it makes for strong bones!

Milk moustache





(Photo doctored by our very own Ed Silva)

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