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From flying missiles to squirrels, yesterday in a nutshell

March 1, 2010

From flying Rocketmissiles to squirrels, yesterday in a nutshell.

Off to the office in the morning for my phone wench duties, all seemed to be right with the world. A closing last Friday, a nice closing schedule for this Friday, people out looking at other listings, just another wonderful day! I had my positive hat on, I was singing and smiling, all was right with the world!

Now here is a run down of the “fun” I had.

  • 9:07 am, phone call from home. Terrible two’s grandson threw something, hit the nice new(er) 42 inch flat panel LCD tv and killed it. I have come to understand anything in the hands of a toddler is a potential weapon of mass destruction. (I must have forgotten this rule)
  • 11:00 am, call from the man who is finishing the clean out of the house for the closing this Friday. Personal issues might prevent him from finishing on time. ????? (absent and unavailable owners) By the way, I picked this guy, I know him very well. This is not a good thing…
  • 2:00 pm, I did find the garage for the condo I have listed, took quite an effort on my part, long story!!!
  • 3:30 pm, visited the house that is to close Friday. I am going to be a very busy person over the next few days. Trying to find someone else who may be able to finish up, no luck so far. Leaves… me….squirrel
  • 6:00 pm, stopped by to see my daughter and her baby, she went upstairs for a minute, came FLYING down the stairs in a panic. What she thought was the cat in her room turned out to be a squirrel! I called the trusty boys from the farm, they came a runnin, however did not catch the wily critter. They set traps for it. Bedroom is off limits for her right now….

Yes, today is another day. I am hoping that my husband recovers from the shock of the TV trauma soon, that today runs a bit smoother all in all, and that I get my listing cleaned up in time to close on Friday! I am grateful for one thing though. That the squirrels are NOT in my listing….

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