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A beloved old vehicle or the low rent district? New Milford CT real estate talk.

February 24, 2010

A beloved old vehicle or the low rent district? New Milford CT real estate talk.

Junk CarTo you it is your old beloved friend, so many wonderful memories tied up inside. To you Realtor® it is a potential stumbling block to reaching that all important “curb appeal” status that is so greatly desired. To the town, if there are more than one it is a fine waiting to happen. (Depending on where you live, the amount of unregistered vehicles allowed can vary) To your insurance company it is a potential insurance hazard. To a potential buyer it looks like the low rent district for mice and raccoons.

And where there are one, there are usually two or more. Old, unregistered vehicles tend to attract more, it is law. There is always the relative or friend who saw the old car in your yard and asked could they just leave their old, beloved car with yours? Trust me, these old cars travel in packs. And they usually travel with no titles!

There is nothing worse than your agent having to contact your attorney and telling them there is a problem two days before the closing. The ground is too soft to move the vehicles, it is going to cost an arm and a leg to have them moved and you ran out of funds, the guy who promised to take them never showed up, the person who really owns the car never came, you can’t find the title to junk the car. Yes, money can be put in escrow, the problem is still looming over your head and now you have angry buyers waiting for you to come and remove the eyesore(s) without tearing up their new yard.

Another option is call the fire department, sometimes you can donate vehicles to be used in “Jaws of Life” demonstrations, or they set them on fire to practice putting car fires out. You beloved friend will die a good death (again) and possibly save the lives of others. A totally worthy cause! Whatever you decide to do with it (them) don’t delay! You won’t sell your home in New Milford, CT with these old cars junking up the yard!

Jaws of life

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