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It’s broke and we need to fix it. But don’t wake me please…

February 17, 2010

IT’S BROKE AND WE NEED TO FIX IT. But don’t wake me up because I know I am dreamin….

Winter morningThe answer to the unbearable situation of short sales and foreclosures is right here on ActiveRain. Yes, I have figured out how to fix the broken wheel, get the cart back up and running in order to get these short sales closed in a timely fashion and to get the foreclosures sold with minimal damage to the homes.

A team of 3 professionals, our own ActiveRainers as a matter of fact, should be assigned to come up with a workable process for short sales and foreclosures. A plan that would have to be implemented by all lenders, no questions asked, mandatory participation. And if they didn’t follow the process, there would be stiff penalties. Very stiff penalties.

And I know who should be on the committee. I know, there are many of you here in the ‘Rain that are just as qualified, but these are the people I know and trust will do the right thing for the system. Broker Bryant Tutas and Wendy Rulnick of Short Sale Superstars and no nonsense Lenn Harley. End of story.

Yes, I realize that there are different laws in each state, that this is pie in the sky ideas, but sometimes dreaming is all you got! Still, it is broke and it does need to be fixed!

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