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The Super Bowl and Real Estate, what DO they have in common?

February 11, 2010

Super Bowl of Real EstateThe Super Bowl and Real Estate, what do they have in common? Selling your home in New Milford, CT these days is like playing in the Super Bowl. The only way to look at those other homes on the market that are comparable to your home is… as your competition to crush! And how do you wipe out the competition? You get all the way to the end and win, you sell your home!

This is a buyers market, no doubt about it. The goal, your goal as a seller is to entice the buyer into your home and get that all important offer. Any offer is better than no offer. Any offer that comes in can be negotiated, and if you have priced it right you can hang on to that goal.

So, you are wondering how you can get an offer on your home in New Milford, CT these days?

Play the game to win. There can be only one winner in the listings game, and that should be you. First goal, entice them in. Make sure you are priced right, priced just under the best comps for your house. Make sure you have your game face on, that you are ready to show off your home and wow their socks off.

Clutter, gone. Repairs, done. Paint if necessary. Staging, no problem! Price it realistically, not based on what your current debt is, price it to sell. Not only do you have to get them in to see the house and give you an offer , but you have to get the appraiser to AGREE with the price you have agreed to sell it for.

Entice them in to your homeMake sure that the photos of your home show it off in their best light. Find out what type of internet marketing will be done. Ask for a listing and marketing plan. And make sure it is available for showings, that you have a plan to leave the house clean when leaving, that the house will look as good as it can each and every time it is shown. Know your game plan before the first buyer walks through your doors!

The competition is stiff out there, it is a buyers market in New Milford, CT after all. But that statement in itself tells us that yes indeed, there are buyers out there, serious buyers, looking for their new home. And you want to win this game, crushing the other competition, you want to sell YOUR home!

If you are serious about wanting to sell your home in New Milford, CT, give me a call and I will discuss my marketing and pricing strategy with you.

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Or you could always be in the Ship of Fools while the serious players are getting offers and selling their homes!

Ship of Fools

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