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A little bit of knowledge may be dangerous, but it will help you out with your photos!

February 10, 2010

A little bit of knowledge may be dangerous, but it will help you out with your photos!

There are a lot of posts here on ActiveRain about photos on the MLS, or should I say, bad photos on the MLS. I know there are times when you just can’t get a good shot, perhaps less is more in those situations, sometimes the room is too small, it just looks terrible when you look at those photos, even Hercules couldn’t clean out the mess in the room to get a decent shot. Whatever reason, the best advice is to skip the photo altogether, move on to the next room. (Janna Rankin Scharf wrote a wonderful post on this)

I take photos for one of the agents in my office and do all the online “stuff”, she feeds me awesome dinners, that is a win win situation! Last meal was shrimp cocktail, steak, salad and home made french fries, not too shabby! Recently she listed a raised ranch that looked like every other raised ranch, and with the grey winter skies and no leaves on the trees, there is often nothing you can do to make the photo look appealing.

Or is there????

(Come on, you knew that was coming.)

Back at her house we looked over the photos, I was very unhappy with the front shot of the house, it was just so lifeless! Plus the house is vacant, so the interior photos are pretty bland and boring, but clean and neat. I decided to put my Photomatix Pro program to use to give a hi definition photo for the outdoor shots. You be the judge. (The house was listed by someone else before, I wish I could show you the front shot, but because it is not mine, I will not use it. You could barely see the house for all the trees in front, the agent was not using a wide angle lens and had to be very far away, which obstructed the shot. You couldn’t see the house for the trees!)

Raised Ranch

Raised Ranch

Normally when I take HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos I use my tripod and have my camera set to take 3 photos at different exposures. Then Photomatix Pro takes those photos, puts them together and VOILA! What a genius I am! I had not used my tripod for this shoot, I only had single shots, but never fear. Photomatix can adjust exposure if all the exposures are the same! All I did was copy the image two times, pull all three in the program and here is the end result!

I think 2 things are mandatory for real estate photography. A wide angle lens on the camera (it can be a point and shoot, as long as it has wide angle capabilities) and Photomatix Pro! A small investment for a large payoff in the end. Plus think of all the other photos you can take and bring to life using HDR technology, the uses are endless, not to mention fun!

And don’t forget to put that toilet seat down!!!

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