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No Thanks, I don’t need the work….

January 31, 2010

NoI would love to be writing about and plugging the quality of work by a local business person. I really would. The people and local businesses I have written about love the posts, love the publicity (free), none have said “no thanks, I think I would rather you NOT write something about me and my services that might be read by potential clients”. And today I would LOVE to be writing about another local business, specifically a stone mason, chimney repair type of business.

I am in need of a repair to a chimney, the clock is ticking away, time is of the essence. I have googled chimney repair, I have called other agents and inspectors, I have called masonry supply companies, wood stove type of stores and was given a name or 2 by each place I called. I have left messages for these people to call me back.

No such luck. I can only assume they are all so busy they don’t need any more work. Today I will take the circle out further than local and semi-local people. I will probably look to a state wide or national type of chain company. I will leave more messages that I hope will be returned in a timely fashion. And I won’t be writing about a local person or business today.

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