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A plea to the AR gods….

January 30, 2010

PrayingA plea to the AR gods about groups at ActiveRain, wonderful concept but could you please please please… please put a brief synopsis about the group under the name?

I joined 56 groups so far. I try to remember the rules and regs for each group, but to be honest I just can’t keep up. So, I am petitioning the AR gods to see fit to have a brief synopsis accompany the group name. I would like to avoid the embarrassment of having my post removed from the group because my middle aged brain couldn’t remember what the guidelines were. I would also like to make sure that where I am posting is appropriate. I may have to add a disclaimer to my signature line that says

“If I posted to your group inappropriately, please forgive me, I am getting forgetful in my middle age. Delete me if you must, but be kind about it.”

Actually this post is not because I have had a post deleted lately, it is more because I moderate the Photobloggers group here and there is that whole 50 word minimum thing, use your own photo requirement. I know that sometimes people just forget the requirements of the group or get confused between groups, so to avoid a bit of embarrassment on every ones part, putting a synopsis next to the name of the group would be so helpful. And then, if I post something to the wrong group, or someone else does, well.. shame on us. You may think it is easier to just pare down the groups I belong to. No, that won’t do, it just won’t do. Even if I only belonged to 20 I would still have that brain freeze and not remember the rules of the group, of that I am sure.

I am offering up all things chocolate as bribes gifts to the AR gods. OK, so maybe you can’t eat them, but the concept is there. And my undying gratitude, now that alone should be worth everything.


Chocolate strawberryMore chocolate goodies

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