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Opinions, lessons learned and the AR gods have a wicked sense of humor!

January 18, 2010

Opinions, lessons learned and the AR gods have a wicked sense of humor!

Loaded postIf you want 171,134 plus opinions, ask a bunch of people connected with the real estate industry! And if you want to know what not to write about make sure you ask me, I am now officially an expert.

A few days ago I wrote a post about a topic that will remain nameless here. (notice I have learned my lesson well) It started out public, I quickly realized that the comments were so heated that wasn’t the message I intended to send out to the public. I made the post “Members Only” and noted it at the top of the post! It is apparently a very hot topic here in the ‘rain, to say the least. There were more strong opinions from every corner of AR than Carter has liver pills! But you know what I have learned through all of this? No matter what you may need help with, the answer just has to be here, and believe me, there are so many people ready willing and able to offer an expert opinion it will make your head spin! Where else can you go and get so many answers so fast from true professionals. I say this in all sincerity.

Fighting beansI was tested on my ability to take what I at first felt was negative, then came to perceive as constructive criticism over and over again. In the beginning I admit my feathers were ruffled, I felt as if I was being attacked. My first thoughts were to delete the post, but then I put my big girl pants on and made it members only. And at the end of the day I came around with a different point of view than I had in the beginning. Not on the topic I posted about, but I realized how important it is that we have a safe place to voice our opinion, that we all have something of value to add, and even if I disagree, perhaps someone reading the comments will relate and the comment will reach them. I am fine tuning the art of agreeing to disagree! I figure this will help me even more with the fine art of negotiating!

DevilYou just gotta love ActiveRain and all 171,033 very well rounded, very professional and very opinionated members! And you have to really love the fact the AR gods have a very wicked sense of humor. They featured the post in the midst of me tearing my hair out with it, which caused more strong opinions to come flooding in, which in turn gave me more practice in agreeing to disagree, finding value in opinions that are not congruous with my own. All in all it was a very valuable lesson for me after all! Just not in the way some might have expected.

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