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It’s an ActiveRain Kinda Day!

January 14, 2010

It’s an ActiveRain kinda day! I do a lot of thinking while I am driving, I will even admit that random thoughts sometimes float in and surprise me to no end. I was thinking about my day today while driving to the store, my ActiveRain day as a matter of fact.
Activerain rain
I start my morning with my special cappuccino made in my most fantastic espresso maker with Richard Weisser. How wonderful that I can sit in the comfort of my own home, sipping the best coffee in the world with Richard every morning? He lives in GA, I live in CT. I am loving it. It has become a morning ritual for me.

I am preparing a CMA on a house that came to me via Ed Silva with a referral. Some day I will fess up about the phone conversation I had with him when he called to ask me if I would take it. Some day maybe…

I am preparing another CMA for someone who Googled for a realtor® here in New Milford. I know for a fact a year ago I would not have gotten any calls on that Google! I was nowhere on Google, unless you could spell my name right. Now that is a different story, thanks to…. ActiveRain!

I had a question about a deck, I took photos and sent them off to fellow ‘rainer Jim Quarello of JRV Home Inspection Services. And by the way, didn’t I notice that Jim is President of SNEC-ASHI. That would be Southern New England Chapter of ASHI. I had not realized this before, way to go Jim! Anyway Jim sent me a response right away, answered my questions and the thing is, the real reason I knew what I was looking at was because of all the inspectors posts I read here in the ‘rain. I was pretty pleased with myself, thanks to ActiveRain! (And what a place that I have even learned about home issues from a Certifried Home Inspector Squirrel type named Nutsy Wallenda? Now that is pretty wild if you ask me!)

Moving on, I am negotiating a deal on one of my listings with a buyer that found me on the internet. I know that she found me via my flyer on Realbird, which I am using because I found Realbird here on ActiveRain.


OK, so I have been whining about having to miss the NYC Raincamp, I have been feeling rather devastated that I couldn’t go, but plan on going to DC as Pat Kennedy has been so gracious to invite her fellow ‘rainers to Houspats Camp for Wayward Bloggahs. Now there is a vacation in the making if you ask me. All because of…. ActiveRain!

There are many more ways that Activerain has become an important part of my day, too many to list as a matter of fact. A year ago I would have laughed at this, not understanding how powerful the tools are that are available here, how strong the bonds of friendship become and how my business would be so positively affected by a real estate network.

And my last thought I had while driving? Can you imagine if ActiveRain were a Real Estate Company too?

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