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Next Christmas Please… bring on Ded Moroz!

January 5, 2010


Tonight is Christmas Eve again for us, Russian Orthodox Christmas that is. Poor hubby has to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, on this side of the globe there is no holiday. I for one am hoping that Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost) will bring me that much needed power supply cord for Christmas, I am getting more than frustrated with the computer conditions in this house.

I am thinking that after Christmas I will be looking for an extra cord to keep around, in case of yet another crisis. The desktop at the house isn’t working properly, the laptop I am on now is fraught with issues, and no programs loaded on it that I needed other than Firefox. (I am really not complaining, just whining a bit, LOL. Not being able to use AR to it’s fullest is a bit frustrating)

So, Merry Christmas yet again! If Santa forgot your very special gift the first time around, perhaps Ded Moroz will bring it tonight!

(And if I haven’t been by to visit your posts lately, please forgive me. I am working with stone age equipment!)


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