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Day 4, 2010 Challenges, making lemonade out of lemons…

January 4, 2010

Day 4, 2010 Challenges… making lemonade out of lemons…
2010 challenges
Yesterday brought an unexpected snow storm, I had to get to the hospital, pick up mom and baby and take them home. Her car just couldn’t cut it, and her Jeep is not ready to drive. OK, not bad except I am up 1000 feet, only way to town is STRAIGHT DOWN! My little Wrangler made it, putting an infant seat in the 2 door Wrangler is always a challenge, ok, temps down in the teens, we made it. Whew… But the much needed trip to the store had to be put off till today, which changes everything. Getting home was a real challenge, shot most of my day for sure. No emails, no nothing.

Today? Started off the day with a bang. Was sitting all comfy cozy in my recliner and pinched the laptop cord in the chair when getting up. Bye bye cord… I almost started a fire! I found one online and ordered it, expedited shipping, but that still will not be fast enough. Between the store trips today I have to try and find a cord somewhere. Uh oh…. I may be MIA for a few days without a cord. Unless I can pry my old laptop away from hubby who uses it to watch Netflix. You have to use an external monitor to use it, a truly unique laptop! I have a deal going on which needs attention, another potential buyer to nail down, and scads of other things to do which do require this particular laptop with all my files in it. I have 1 hour of battery life left, LOL. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I find a cord today in my travels.

So, my lesson here? That flexibility has to be on the top of my list in 2010. And creative ways around those challenges. Funny that within 4 days my daily plans for 2010 and my business were shot right out into outer space!

Stay warm, we are trying to! I am off to make lemonade out of these lemons in my way.

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