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Holiday Decorations Gone Bad

December 26, 2009

I will admit this is pretty much an irreverent post brought on by all the wonderful holiday photos all over ActiveRain. It is so much fun to drive around and see the lights, all the decorations people put up. I look at them and think how much fun the kids in the houses must have with parents that really go above and beyond to deck the halls. I truly think it is wonderful.

However…. sometimes it just goes all wrong…

Deranged SnowmanA few years back my husband and I were driving home during the holiday season. We had been to his obligatory Nutcracker (I think I have seen a million of them, hey, I know how it ends so going is not exactly on my fun list anymore). As we were getting into Litchfield, CT the ice starting coming down like crazy. We really couldn’t drive any more, the hills are bad enough with snow, never mind ice. So, we stopped at one of our favorite places to eat in Litchfield, CT, The Aspen Garden Restaurant. They make a mean Greek Salad that I really do love.

In front of The Aspen Garden Restaurant that year was the biggest inflatable snowman I have ever seen. The wind was whipping him around, he was bending forward, and his arms looked like he was trying to grab you as you walked by. Well, walking was really not what any of us were doing, more like skating, holding on to each other for dear life. The walkway was sheer ice, it was horrible.

We sat in a booth by a window and had a wonderful view of this snowman from hell as I referred to him. For some reason the thought never occurred to the people inside to shut him down for the night. I watched a family get out of their car and negotiate their way in, a mother, father and a little boy probably about 4 years old. As they skated down the sidewalk the little boy looked up in horror at the snowman coming toward him, arms reaching out looking like they were going to snatch the poor tyke up. He tried to run away, broke the hold his dad had on him, his little legs were moving as fast as fast could be, but with the ice it was like a comedy of errors in slow motion. The poor thing went up up up and then down down down, screaming as Mr. Snowman got closer and closer to him. His parents were so focused on the ice beneath them they never realized what scared the bejezus out of the poor kid. He probably needed therapy after that experience!

After that those inflatable decorations lost their glamor for me. I admit, I laughed like a banshee as each person approached the possessed 8 foot Frosty with much trepidation. I could laugh, I was safe inside where he couldn’t reach me. And believe me, on my way out the door I skirted by him as fast as I could, good thing they had salted the sidewalk giving me a clean (and rapid) getaway from this demon snowman!

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